Does Everyone Process Coffee Differently?


By: Beth Garrison, CEO

The Institute of Scientific Information for Coffee (sounds legit, right?) just released a report that found that people who drink coffee fall into one of three categories when it comes to metabolizing caffeine:

1) High Sensitivity: just a small amount of coffee greatly effects how coffee is metabolized.  People with high sensitivity have trouble sleeping even after a small amount of coffee.

2) Regular Sensitivity: the typical coffee drinker.  These people can drink a few cups a day, and as long as there is not an evening cup of joe, can sleep fine.

3) Low Sensitivity: metabolize coffee quickly.  These people can drink several cups of coffee throughout the day, including at night, and have no effects on sleep.

Dr. Langer, in the report proposes that this is due to the "individual unique genetic makeup."  For more information on the report checkout our reference section.

Interesting stuff!  Part of me also wonders if there is a behavioral component as well?  What do you think?  Which category do you fall under?  Leave a comment below!



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