To Freeze Or Not To Freeze...That Is The Question


So when I first heard about freezing whole beans to have them keep longer on the Keys to the Shop podcast with Becca Woodard, I was intrigued by the concept.  For most of my coffee drinking life, when I lived with my parents we would keep the coffee grounds in the refrigerator, under the assumption that it would stay fresher longer.  As I started to do more research, I found that experts actually recommended a cool DRY location for storage of grounds, so I was shocked when she recommended that beans could be frozen, and she had won the US Brewer's Cup by using frozen beans.

If you do a google search on the topic, there are varying opinions.  The New York Times in 2016 published a piece recommending that "If you want tastier coffee, you should freeze the beans before grinding them."

So what are your thoughts?  Comment below!  I know I am definitely going to be experimenting this week with my Operant Coffee!