What's The Buzz About Single Origin Coffee?


By Beth Garrison, CEO

Single origin coffee has quite the buzz surrounding it in the coffee world.  So what does it mean? 

Single origin coffee is generally named for the one geographic region or specific farm that the coffee cherries were harvested.  There are many different opinions surrounding single origin coffee vs blends, but the overall benefit to single origin coffee is that you know where the coffee came from as opposed to a blend which can have multiple coffee beans from multiple geographical regions.

Single origin coffee is a part of the "Third Wave" coffee movement that began in the late nineties, which focuses on quality coffee, curating it as you would a fine cheese or wine.  This movement has made latte art, single origin coffee, and innovative methods of brewing coffee extremely popular.

I am of the opinion, that there are good single origin coffees and there are good blends (Burrhus's Breakfast Blend being one of them).  Much of coffee's taste is derived from the roasting process, so there is also something to be said when it comes to roasting.  Ultimately, every cup you drink can taste slightly different because there are multiple processes involved in bringing you that cup of coffee: from the farmer, to the roaster, to even your brewing method and the water you use can all effect taste.


What do you think?  Are you a fan of single origin?  Leave a comment below!