How I Brew a "Mindful" Cup of Coffee Every Morning


By: Beth Garrison, CEO

Every morning, I have the routine of practicing "mindful" meditation before I check my social media or email.  For 10 minutes, I sit in silence, and focus on my breathing (breathe in through the nose....hold for three....breathe out slowly through my mouth, as thoughts play through, I notice them, but do not dwell on them). 

To be completely honest, it took me awhile to get in to the habit of doing this (~3 months).  To learn the skill of meditation, I used the "Calm" App and this podcast.  Since starting this practice, I have noticed I've become much better at keeping my emotions in check, which has proven helpful over the last few months.

So how does coffee relate to this?  Brewing coffee in my Chemex has helped this process, because I do this right before I practice meditation.  After the water has boiled, I pour the boiled water over the grounds in the Chemex, and empty my mind of thoughts during this process.  I focus on the drip, drip, dripping of the coffee as it filters through the grinds, and I am ready to practice.

How do you practice meditation?  Leave a comment below!

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