Why We Love Philly Tap Water


By Beth Garrison, CEO, Operant Coffee

Back in November, we published a post where we documented our science experiment of taste testing various water types with our coffee, to see if it effected the taste of our coffee (see "Does Water Make a Difference?).  Turns out there is some truth to it, as Dave Mosher's Business Insider post recently discovered.

Water does effect the taste of coffee, and most of it depends on the hardness or softness of the water.  Roasters use local tap water to roast beans, so chances are if you have a local roaster, the beans will taste best with the tap water native to your area.  The hardness or softness of the water is based on the mineral content, and flavors from the beans will be changed based on the mineral content of your water.

Since our Roasters are located in Philadelphia (Philly Fair Trade Roasters), areas with similar water content to Philadelphia will be as close to the originally intended taste as possible.  Philadelphia's water (pronounced "wooder") luckily is similar to most areas in the United States (Schuylkill River jokes aside), so our coffee should have a similar taste throughout, however; we would be interested someday in traveling the country and trying for ourselves!  

In the meantime, if you've tried our coffee, leave a comment below with your location, and the flavors you tasted!

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