Why I Go to the Coffeeshop


By: Beth Garrison, CEO

Starting in high school when I started my love of coffee, I would go to the local coffee shop with my dad to talk and sample different roasts.  This practice carried over into college when I would spend most of my time there focusing on writing papers or completing my reading for school.  Now as a freelancer and adjunct instructor for a local University, I also spend most of my time in coffeeshops during my work day.  Some days, even if I don't need to leave my house, I will go there to work, as I feel I am more productive in that setting than in my house.

So why is this the case?  What makes it reinforcing for me to do my work in the coffee shop?

I started to think about it this week, and I came up with some ideas.  Here they are:

1) The Smell

Coffee shops smell like coffee so that in and of itself has been paired with my ultimate reinforcer: a giant cup of coffee.  With all of the different roasts, blends, and single origin beans located in one small space, the smell of the coffee shop is enough to energize any coffee lover.

2) The Work Space

Coffee shops tend to have a cozy feeling with large chairs and space to organize your work.  At home, I find my space tends to get cluttered as I work throughout the day, but in a coffee shop, I am limited to my area, so I tend to keep it organized.  This allows for more productivity while I am working.

3) The Baristas

Most baristas are super helpful and friendly, and if they aren't then they are quiet and just leave you alone.  They typically do not try to kick you out, even if you've only ordered one cup of regular coffee.  This is perhaps the best part of the coffee shop as a workspace, because I don't feel rushed, and I feel like I have time to focus and attend to deeper work.

4) The Music

Normally, I find myself googling what music comes on when I am in the coffee shop.  My own preference in music varies, but in a coffee shop the music helps me to focus and concentrate on the projects I am working on.

So what are your thoughts?  Why do you go to the coffee shop?  Leave a comment below!

Also, for more information on the term "reinforcing" check out our very own coffee shop to see our coffee's label!

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