Why Cold Pressed Coffee on Tap Is the Greatest Idea Ever


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By Beth Garrison, CEO, Operant Coffee

Recently I experienced cold pressed coffee on Nitro at our favorite bar (Brick and Barrel).  

Hands down, it was the best cold pressed coffee I have ever tasted.

This is a genius idea.  It keeps the coffee super fresh and cold on the keg, and it is readily available for guests who want that after dinner coffee.  For those who enjoy coffee cocktails, it is easily available for our favorite mixologist to whip up something spectacular.  

With the cold brew on nitro, I definitely felt that caffeine jolt right away, providing a nice alternative to an after dinner espresso.  I also felt that it was a sweeter taste, and not bitter with less acid, so I didn't even have to add any sweetener to the coffee.

Hopefully this is something that catches on, and we will be seeing it at all of our favorite restaurants!

Want to share your experience with cold pressed coffee on tap?  Leave a comment below!

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