Battle of the Brewers


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By Beth Garrison, CEO, Operant Coffee

As we continue our taste testing this week to develop our first product, I am mostly brewing this week with my French press.  This was largely inspired by my friend, KBS, who mentioned she was going to taste test using her French Press this week.  This is a particular brewing method that has been sitting in my drawers for a few years now, untouched, probably because of the time it takes to use to brew coffee, as opposed to the pour over Chemex, or my Keurig.

I have forgotten how amazing this brewing approach can be!  

The coffee in my French press, though not as smooth tasting as my Chemex, had a much heavier and darker taste to it.  It far surpassed my Keurig in flavor, as well as the aroma that the coffee gave off as it brewed.  It was interesting to see that the tasting profiles could change so much from one brewing method to another. 

I'm interested to hear what you think!  Comment below to let me know how you like to brew your favorite beans.

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