How I Learned to Brew an Amazing Cup of Coffee


Beth Garrison, CEO, Operant Coffee, LLC

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I have a secret...

I am brand new to the coffee industry.  However, I am learning as I go, and this blog will serve to document my experiences and I embark on this new adventure in coffee, a longstanding passion.  

I am not alone in this process.  Thankfully, we have partnered with an amazing and knowledgeable roasting team who have opened my eyes to all of the many ways one can make coffee.

On Thursday, this team introduced me to the wonder of a pour over coffee maker, specifically called the Chemex.  As I observed my new roasting partner pour hot water over a funnel system that looked to me like a science project, I decided I was out of my league.  However, he quickly explained that this was the absolute best way to drink coffee, and if I've never had it this way before, I would be forever changed.  

He was right.

As I watched the coffee "balloon" (he explained that this was gases releasing, and the way to tell that this coffee was truly fresh), I was amazed to watch the coffee drip slowly into the bottom container of the "Chemex."  When ready, we began our taste test, and I was blown away by the complexity of flavor in the coffee he served.  Granted, some of this was their amazing roasting of the beans, I'm sure (to try for yourself head to our shop).  

Needless to say, I am a convert to the Chemex brewing method.  I bought one the next night, and now I am anxiously awaiting my Amazon delivery!



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