Our Coffee

Our mission is to help you serve amazing coffee, while saving the world with behavior analysis. 

All of our blends are roasted with Fair Trade Certified coffee beans, and made in partnership with Philly Fair Trade Roasters.  Our coffee is made from blends of beans from Central and South America and the Pacific Islands.

Our roasters are committed to "Saving the World" with sustainable behavioral business practices, and during the production of roasting and blending our coffee, they compost, recycle, and limit waste.  This provides us with a product that is not only of high quality, but also environmentally friendly.

As a nod to our behavior analysis roots, we will also provide a fun "operant" fact on every label!

We are proud to help you serve amazing coffee, and to encourage fair trade and environmentally friendly business practices.


Hear our CEO, Beth Garrison, talk about our coffee on the Keys to the Shop Podcast.


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